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  • Spec SL2 Buckle

    Spec SL2 Buckle

    Replacement SL and SL2 shoe buckles, sold in pairs.
    Price: $20.00


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  • Lake Comfort Plus Cleat Cap Covers

    Lake Comfort Plus Cleat Cap Covers

    Lake's Comfort Plus cleat caps are designed to increase grip and traction on flat pedals. These are only compatible with the Lake MX201, MX169 and MX120 models.
    Price: $29.99


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    Save 22%
    Shimano Pro Team Pedal Wrench

    Shimano Pro Team Pedal Wrench

    Crafted to enhance your sports bicycle experience, the PRO Team Pedal Wrench prioritizes user-friendly functionality. With an extended handle compared to the standard PRO Pedal Wrench, it incorporates an ergonomic dual compound grip at its end, featuring...
    MSRP: $44.99
    Was: $44.99
    Now: $34.94


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  • Pedro's Equalizer Pedal Wrench II

    Pedro's Equalizer Pedal Wrench II

    Explore the durability and efficiency of the Pedro's Equalizer Pedal Wrench II, a top-tier 15mm pedal wrench seamlessly integrated with a 24mm socket driver. Its redesigned structure incorporates dual 15mm openings and a versatile 24mm socket driver,...
    Price: $38.00


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  • Gore Wear GWS Toe Cover

    Gore Wear GWS Toe Cover

    There are some chilly days when you know that a pair of shoe covers will be overkill, but you'd rather keep your toes warm and worry about riding instead. That's where these toe covers fit in. They will keep your feet warm on cold and dry days.- Cut-outs...
    Price: $35.00


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  • Craft Rain Booties Front Right

    Craft Rain Booties

    Great for riding on cool days, the Craft Rain Booties will help keep your feet shielded from the elements. The elastic fabric is both wind and water resistant to protect you from the cool and wet weather, while kevlar reinforcements at the heel and toe...
    Price: $59.99


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