Indoor Cycling Shoes Shopping Guide

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Indoor Cycling Shoes Shopping Guide

shimano-sh-xc30-sole.jpgWhich Kind Should I Be Looking At?

Many people will use entry-level mountain or road bike shoes for indoor cycling, but some companies do make shoes designed specifically for indoor cycling. The outsoles are usually less stiff to allow for better walkability to prevent you from slipping on the gym floor, while still providing you with improved pedalling efficiency.

Uppers are designed to be comfortable, but still be stiff enough to deliver efficient power giro-grynd-orange-right.jpgtransfer, while also trying to remain as lightweight as possible. They usually have open mesh panels for maximum breathability to help keep your feel cool and dry.

Do I Need to Buy Pedals Too?

If most of the indoor cycling you are planning are doing is in a class or a gym, then there's no need to buy pedals. The bikes will already be outfitted with pedals for you to use. However, if you are looking to use personal indoor cycling bicycle, and it did not include a clipless pedal, then you may want to buy your own. When purchasing bike shoes and/or pedals, it is important to make sure that the shimano-sm-sh56-cleats.jpgitems you are purchasing are compatible with each other. Indoor cycling bikes typically support either 2-bolt pedals (commonly refered to as SPD style) or 3-bolt pedals (commonly refered to as Look style or SPD-SL style). Some indoor cycling pedals may also have both, with one side having a 2-bolt configuration, and the other having a 3-bolt configuration. 

What are Cleats and Should I Buy Them?

Cleats are the components of a clipless pedal system that get attached to the bottom of the shoe, and actually "clip-in" to the pedals. If you plan on using clipless pedals for indoor cycling, and do not already have cleats, then you will need to buy cleats look-keo-grip-cleat-4.5-.jpgseparately. Most indoor cycling pedals do not come with cleats, and cycling shoes do not come with cleats. If you are taking an indoor cycling class, it is important that you ask the instructor what kind of pedals the gym uses, to ensure that you purchase the correct shoes. 

 * Please be aware that bike shoes do not include cleats. Cleats can be purchased separately for use on indoor cycling bikes.